About Downtime Wines

Basil and Colleen Kaspar

After more than 12 years developing the art of creating unique wines in small batches, Down Time Wines, Inc. opened their first storefront location in Chandler, Arizona in 2016.

Down Time Wines, Inc. hand crafts over 30 wine varieties with juices sourced from places like Australia, Italy, Chile, Washington and California to produce all of the traditional favorite reds, whites, and rosés. Occasionally, fruit and nut essences are infused into the base wine to add depth and character. From Chilean Malbec, to California Moscato, to Seasonal selections like Coffee and Toasted Carmel, Down Time Wines, Inc. has something to please every palate.

Down Time Wines, Inc. offers wine tastings every day during normal business hours. Our versatile space is available for you to combine your office, birthday, craft or any party with a wine tasting, or we can bring the wine tasting to your home, business, or community center. We also create gift baskets that pair gourmet favorites with our unique wines. We can even create custom labels for your special occasions.

In the first six months of operation Down Time Wines, Inc. has tripled production capacity and is establishing exclusive relationships with restaurants, clubs, bars and distributors throughout Arizona.

Great wines are made by hand, not by machine. As we continue to expand our production capacity, our commitment to quality is and always will be evident in every glass of Down Time Wines.