How we got started in our wine business

Hello to all our “Wine Family Members”!  As this is my first EVER blog I am going to start by telling you how we got started in our Winery Business.

My husband, Basil has been making wine as a hobby since 2003 when he moved to AZ.  He had many “followers” who loved his wine and talked him into trying to make different varieties for them.  Fast forward to 2011, I met Basil and we married in 2012 and we bought our first home in 2013.  We began making wine together and had a lot of fun doing it.  In 2016 we decided to jump in head first and open a store front to sell our wine from since we had so many people that really enjoyed the wines.

At the time we had a boat at Canyon Lake Marina which we had had there for a few years.  We had named the boat “Down Time” because as Basil said “that’s what we go to the lake for”.  Shortly after we opened the shop we sold the boat. (Didn’t have time to go there any more!)  In trying to think of a name for our wine shop we decided to stick with the name “Down Time” because people drink wine in their “down time”!

Thus began “Down Time Wines, Inc” because “YOU DESERVE DOWN TIME”  After a long search for the right location for our shop we decided on our current spot.  On Warner Road between Arizona Ave and Alma School Road.

That was 6 ½ years ago and today we still have a passion for making great wine for others.  All of our wines (over 40 varieties) are low-sulfite with no other added preservatives.  So you will taste a clean, crisp and delicious wine with every bottle you open!  Stop in soon and try our wines!  You will be pleasantly surprised!

“Down Time…..You deserve it”